5 Reasons That Prevent You From Finding Qualified Real Estate Agents

Finding the right salesperson is anything but easy. Majority of real estate companies struggle to find the right candidate for a sales job, and then, they have to be content with whatever candidates they have in the pool. What’s wrong with real estate companies not being able to find the right sales guys? Where is the problem lies exactly? Let’s find out in this post.

There are five reasons why so many real estate companies struggle to find good candidates to fill their sales positions.

1. The recruiter uses bad selection criteria

Companies tend to select candidates based on criteria that are not related to sales performance. They do not evaluate the skills that really matter to be a good seller.

In addition, their criteria are often too restrictive. Candidates must “enter a small box” otherwise, they are not considered. The seller’s experience in your own industry and with your type of customer should not be an exclusion criterion.

Do not look for someone who comes from the industry, but rather who is compatible with the criteria of the environment. In some cases, it can be very beneficial to recruit salespeople from outside the industry.

Another common mistake is to require a bachelor’s degree or higher-level studies. These two factors don’t assure successful sales.

2. The recruiter is looking for an ultra-versatile salesman

Trying to recruit a salesperson to take on all the roles for sale is a mistake. A good hunter, farmer, account manager or product expert are the types of vendors that perform different functions within the sales team and require specific skills and abilities.

It is extremely rare that a single person can perform in all these roles. The vast majority of the time, she will develop expertise in one of the functions to the detriment of the others.

3. The recruitment process used is not specific to the sale

A traditional recruitment process does not identify the salespersons who have the prerequisites to grow and succeed in sales. A good representative does not identify himself in the same way as an administrative officer or accountant. Neither the interview nor the reference check is effective because a candidate may have evolved in a completely different environment.

4. The advertised position is not attractive to candidates

Too many recruiters underestimate the positive impact that a well-written job offer can have. When I say well written, I mean that they must reach the best-performing players and leave all others.

However, organizations often succumb to the temptation to write a conventional job description. Avoid bulleted lists! Forget conformity! If you want a candidate who stands out, then make sure that your job offer should be the same.

5. The compensation offered is too low

The salary offered greatly influences the level of applications received. A successful salesman should be paid for what he or she is worth. The best companies understand this and do not hesitate to review their sales model, if necessary.

False promises and the fear of offering an attractive salary must be overcome. The compensation of a high-level representative may even exceed that of the head of the company for which he works!

In addition, in the case of commission pay, it is important to pay the salesperson a salary for the duration of his integration, while he builds his clientele.

To remember

Recruitment problems are often caused by a recruitment process, which is too traditional. To get different results, you have to do it differently.

Buying a Home in Miami: Consider these factors

There are a few reasons that they should have when they want to build a new home for them. Buying a new home can be a tedious task unless you have the proper facilities and problems that arise later. Make the most of it with great ideas.

Families plan to acquire their brand new homes over the years. When people have a new family, they have a lot to remember. A lot of people talk to some people and evaluate their experiences with buying a brand new home with them. Some people go to experts for expert advice on this topic. Some people especially pray for guidance so that they can make wise decisions. At this point, it really works for some people to accomplish all or one of those things, but it is never necessary for people to get paid or run a religion to get a new family or to conduct research for them, or even a property fate. Throw coins

The only thing people really need to do to make the right decisions about buying their new home is to actually do the right research, ask the right people, and consider the right things that can make a great deal on a property with them. You should think first when buying a property. Are you paying for an existing property or are you building from the ground up?

There are both good and bad options. Why don’t we first evaluate the ups and downs of an existing property? One of the benefits of the existing property is that you do not need to worry about how your home will look. Planning a home can be very tiring and challenging plus it takes a lot of time. You may also need to hire an expert who personally drafts your new family’s blueprint for you, and this can result in significant professional expense. Another great thing about an existing home is that you should not worry too much about the interior of your home.

Everything is there and that’s all you need to work with it. Some of the damage to an existing property is the condition that the home is in-house. If you can verify the residence from all angles, you can fight to check in between the walls and floorboards as well as the ceilings where it matters most. Due to insects and insects, several habitats have deteriorated from the inside. Another problem you may be facing is not getting the proper papers in place. This has happened to many people before, and it can happen to you too.

Let’s take a look at building a new abode from the ground up. In the event you buy a new home, everything is served to you with free web content, if you are creating a new home, you will have to plan everything you want to put in there. One of the more important benefits of building a new home than buying a new home is that you are entering the home with a whole new set of things. You have a truly brand new home. The other nice thing about it is that you have nothing to worry about because of the stability of your new home. Since it was recently built, the foundations are solid and the walls are protected. The bad side of it though is that you have to spend a small fortune to be fully capable of it and yes it can take longer than buying a new home that already exists.

Advantages of buying a home in Florida

Buying a home is at the center of the “American Dream.” It can bring happiness and provide a solid foundation for you and your family. There are many benefits, but especially the following three –

Tax breaks

Compared with other investments, short and long-lasting tax breaks allow owners to produce far less. When you are a homeowner, there may be tax breaks that you can take advantage of as renters and non-homeowners, mortgage interest deductions are one of them, a common practice without your real estate duty on your federal income tax return. Some homeowners prefer to use their home equity to get the home equity line of credit (HELOC) or home equity. Interest on these loans can also be tax-deductible. With proper planning, you can get tax benefits that last a lifetime. As always, consult your own tax advisor on the specifics of homeowner benefits.


A home is an investment that can and will increase in value over time. In some markets, home values ​​have increased dramatically in recent years (California, Florida, Nevada, etc.). In other markets, the rise has been slow and steady.

Also, you can use your hard work to make improvements that will increase the value of your home. Every improvement you make will add to the overall value of your home and the quality of your life.

As the value of your home increases and your mortgage numbers shrink, you create equity. If you sell your home and pay the mortgage, that money will remain. As mentioned above, you can borrow against this equity before you need it. It’s almost like the savings account you are


Moving to home gives you the opportunity to meet new people, get involved with your community, sponsor local merchants, and build your new neighborhood. This is a way to establish roots and invest in your city. Homeownership provides the idea of ​​permanence and the foundations of our lives.

Buying a home can be the single, largest investment in your life. There are many benefits, however, some are real and some are sensitive. Perhaps now is the time to take your plunge and buy a home, condominium or townhouse and experience this part of the “American Dream.”